JUNE 6, 2006
PART 2: 8-12-08
By Harry Walther


In The Bible Code, the name of "Antichrist" is encoded 390 times. In one code in GEN:1:12, his name is encoded with EGYPTIAN - ALIEN - NAZI - EVIL - WICKED - 666.

People often ask me, "How do you know so much about The Antichrist?". . . and I usually respond with, "Why is it you know so little?"


On 6.6.06 I revealed the name and identity of Antichrist. He comes not as a politician, but as the savior of all religions, faiths and creeds. Although he will claim to be known by many names and titles, he will use his Buddhic name, MAITREYA as his personal name and this name calculates to 666 in Hebrew, the number and name of THE BEAST. (Rev:13:18).

6.6.06: PART 2
AUG 12, 2008

We live in a world that revolves around and worships BEAUTY and outward appearance. We judge people by outward appearance, we trust people based upon outward appearance, we idolize people based upon how they look, and the appearance of Antichrist will be mind-blowing.

Antichrist's Appearance will "awe, overwhelm and mesmerize the world and prey upon another human weakness, people also falsely believe that "BEAUTY IS GOODNESS". So his appearance itself will be The Ultimate Deception.

The following is my view of what Antichrist will look like, his geneology and stats. His actual appearance may vary slightly but this is a very clear preview of what, or rather who, is coming to a television set near you. Remember too that Antichrist will be a "TV MESSIAH" meaning very few people will see him in person compared to how many people will blindly follow Antichrist who they only watch on television.

RACE: Antichrist will appear caucasian (white) but have a deep tan (the color "idolized" by the white race and the reason we burn ourselves almost to death in at the beaches and tanning salons). Also caucasian-tan is the skin color also known as "porn star" orange, the genetically-engineened color of all successful pornography. (shades of things to come = SEX CHURCH = MYSTERY BABYLON = REV:17:5).

GENEOLOGY: 33 percent solution. Antichrist will claim to be of three root races,HEBREW, ARABIC and CAUCASIAN. He will probably claim ABRAHAM as his father (HEBREW) and his mother mixed from ARABIC AND CAUCASIAN.

The BOOK of DANIEL says "He will not honor the god of his fathers". This could also mean the "gods" of his fathers, CHRISTIAN, JEWISH AND MUSLIM because eventually, Antichrist will honor and lead the world to worship LUCIFER (SATAN) as "Our Father in Heaven".

SIZE: Antichrist will truly be larger than life and he will walk as a "god" or giant among men. I estimate his height over seven foot tall, perfectly symetric and proportioned and here is why.

DANIEL also says "THE BEAST WILL BE TALLER (STOUTER) THAN THE 10 KINGS HE APPOINTS TO RULE THE WORLD WITH, from a rebuilt Roman Empire, for 1260 days, 40 and 2 months, three and a half years. (Dan:7:20/ Rev:13:7).

In the ancient statues of the coming "warrior" Buddha, (MAITREYA) he is shown as a giant figure seated on a massive throne. (imagine this complete statue as being over twelve feet tall).. If you look at the size of Antichrist (the figure within this statue) He looks like he could arise from this throne and slam dunk a basketball over SHAQ O'NEAL. What is clear is the average person will feel as a child in the presence of Antichrist and his size will intimidate all who question him in person.

PREVIEW: If you watch WWE, there is a new wrestler called "The Great Kali". He stands seven feet, three inches tall and weighs 430 pounds. By his very size, he strikes awe and respect in all who see him or stand next to him and Antichrist will strike the same reaction. Yet Antichrist will be less heavy and bulky (threatening) and more asthetically appealing and "natural" than the "great kali".

HEIGHT AND WEIGHT: Antichrist will stand between seven feet and seven feet six inches tall and weigh around 350 lbs so. At this size, he will appear more like an Olympic Super-Athlete, like a Decatholon Champion. He will be far heavier than a swimmer or The 7'7" NBA star (YAO MING) and again, less "bulky" and muscle bound than a 430 pound wrestler or weightlifter.

Remember, the world worships outward appearance, physical beauty, and the appearance of Antichrist will mesmerize the world.

His FACE will be the most remarkable quality of all. He will have the most beautiful and "angelic" face ever seen upon earth. He will almost appear androgenous, with large almond shaped eyes, a straight nose and rather large, thick lips with no beard or facial hair at all. (his androgenous appearance will play well into his teaching that humanity is bi-sexual, a major theme in the formation of his new, Vatican (to be) converted SEX CHURCH, Mystery Babylon= see Rev:17:5).

LOOK INTO MY EYES: the eye color of Antichrist will be bright blue, the brightest blue ever seen and have a hypnotic quality. (His bright blue eyes will later serve to advance his "aryan agenda"). His hair will be long and dark as the majority of the human race has dark to black hair and again, his body will be perfectly proportioned, as if he was a "god", the perfect GENOTYPE for the human race.

Amazingly, all races and all peoples will be able to see something of their own race and appearance in his face.

Yet there is more because as the world stares at his face LIVE on every television screen on planet earth, his face will have a haunting quality, as if we have seen his face a 1000 times before and cannot place where we have seen it. Allow me to shed some light on this future mystery.


I believe there is the highest probablity that The Antichrist's face will look very similar to the face of The Great Sphinx. He will have this appearance that combines ancient, almost royal features with an Alien and almost androgenous look.

Look at the face of The Sphinx, add bright blue eyes, long black hair, a classic roman nose, tanned caucasian skin and we have THE BEAST whom the ancient Hopi Prophecy calls the "Great White Brother". (once again, his bright blue eyes will later serve to futher his "aryan" agenda for in his heart, Antichrist will be a full blown Nazi and Satanist, a.k.a., THE BEAST (Rev:13).


BIBLE CODE: The name "MAITREYA is encoded 390 times in The Bible Code. One code in GEN:1:12 shows MAITREYA encoded with EGYPTIAN - ALIEN- NAZI- EVIL- WICKEDNESS - 666.

The face of Antichrist as the the face of The Sphinx fits perfectly into his E.T. Religious Dogma. Antichrist will claim to have been upon earth eons ago and is the creator of mankind, that his DNA flows into and through all of humanity.

Antichrist will also claim the "Face On Mars" as his own face and monument. I believe he will claim to also have been the creator of Life upon Mars and spin an Extra-Terrestrial Tale that demonizes YHWH GOD (of The Bible) as Leader of The Reptilian Aliens who plans to feast upon mankind as a smorgasborg of flesh. (Dan:7:8, Rev:13:5, 2 Thes:2:4). (THIS IS AN INTREGAL PART OF OCCULT DOGMA AND NOT SOMETHING THAT I MADE UP.

When we view Antichrist in this new light and image, we can see how ridiculous it is to believe a politician today such as GW BUSH or Barack OBAMA could be The Antichrist and unite the world. Again, The BEAST comes as as a spiritual figure, the savior or messiah or all religions, faiths and creeds. whose name calculates to six hundred and sixty six = 666 in the Hebrew, Alpha-Numerical Code. (Rev:6:2, Rev:13:18).

The last question is how will he come to the world? Amidst great "signs" in the sky near a beach or ocean resort and with the world media gathered, will Antichrist emerge out of the deep blue sea and walk across the water onto the beach?

or will Antichrist descend to earth in a spaceship and land in Jerusalem? (however he appears, a spaceship will be innvolved as he will claim The Bible and all religions, as "Extra-Terrestrial".

ONE FACT IS CLEAR; Antichrist is coming and coming very soon and we can ESCAPE his coming (and the Second Holocaust he shall trigger) - IN THE FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES.


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

note: some occult schools believe this coming "AVATAR" will be against the ancient gods of Egypt as well as YHWH GOD of The Bible. In this case, Antichrist will not have such a strong likeness to the Sphinx. We must also remember, The Face of the Sphinx has suffered much erosion over at least 5000 years and its features are not as clear as they initially were.

THE OSIRUS FACTOR: Back in 1980, Archeologists discovered the lost tomb of Osirus, the Egyptian "god" who (according to legend) was killed and was/will be resurrected. Inside his tomb, was a giant, nine ft long coffin that was "empty" and surrounded by water or an unknown liquid that "was said" to have dried up. It is possible that this giant coffin was not empty at all, but contained a preserved body of this ancient "god" (probably extra-terrestrial?) and the DNA was viable, meaning HE COULD HAVE BEEN CLONED.

If Antichrist was genetically cloned, this would explain his amazing body and appearance and fulfill the ancient Egyptian Prophecy that "OSIRUS would be resurrected (thru cloning) and the MITHRA legend that the coming savior will be "born of a virgin". ANTICHRIST AS A CLONE WOULD ALSO EXPLAIN WHY THE BIBLE CALLS HIM, "THE BEAST" AS A CLONED HUMAN MAY LACK A CONSCIENCE AND BE PSYCHOPATHIC.